Greetings from Niagara Region Canada!

Hi fellow members! Joined as a HO recently and working on finishing up my profile. We adopted 2 senior cats and a small dog in July 2020, all 3 from the same home. Their owner moved into a nursing home. First time dog parents but very seasoned cat parents. My husband and I are now recently retired and are looking forward to being able to occasionally travel again, which we can only do with the help a wonderful sitter! We live on the shores of Lake Erie with very easy access to Niagara Falls and the wineries so its a grest place to visit!


Hi @Manunited welcome to our community forum and thank you for adopting your new family and giving the a second chance to live their very best lives, their previous family must have been so relieved to know they all stayed together, that is so very kind.

You live in a wonderful location, although ManUnited might not be a very good clue as to location … fan club perhaps :wink:

We can’t wait to share in your new retirement and travel lifestyle, I’m sure you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet great sitters and welcome them into your home to meet the family, we’d love to see a family picture.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the team …

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Hello @Manunited and welcome. I’m also a Niagara Region resident, living in Niagara Falls :canada: I am British born and raised, which I’m guessing you are too, given your username :wales: I’m in my 8th year as a sitter with THS. If I can be of any help in you settling in with THS, feel free to direct message me. You can also find my sitter profile embedded in my username here. Who knows, perhaps we already know each other :thinking: I’d be happy to also be a contact person for any sitters you may have, in case they have questions or just need to connect with a fellow THS. THS can give you peace of mind as you travel. Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh definitely a place on our go to to list. Very beautiful area. May be looking for sits in late autumn or summer 2023, depending on the temperature.

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Thank you for all for the warm welcome! I am originally from Manchester England and yes they are my team! :grinning: My husband is from Montreal 1st generation Italian…so for football fans you can imagine how the Euro 2020 final game went down! We are located in Port Colborne. @Snowbird Thank you I will certainly take you up on your kind offer! @Angela-CommunityManager I will try to add some pics soon, have to figure out how to do it. @ElsieDownie it is a beautiful part of the country and we count ourselves very fortunate that we retired here. We moved here from Toronto.


welcome @Manunited :-). I am sure you are going to enjoy your new retirement and travels. How nice that you have been able to keep all three pets together. We are also based in Southern Ontario, more by name than by deed as we are full time nomads. However we always look for sits close to home when we are back visiting family etc. And one of us is also originally from Britain, although we both lived there for many years. You are welcome to check with us if you are looking for sitters for your new fur babies.


Hello: I live in southern Ontario and I’m considering becoming a member. Would you mind telling me what the process was like for you?
Thank you, Maryanne

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Hi @Manunited, I know and love your area. It’s a wonderful thing you did taking in that animal family — good karma will surely follow in the form of terrific sitters. Good luck with all!

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HI @Mhicks Maryanne, I’m also in Niagara :canada: - welcome to the forum. There are both sitters, homeowners, and those who have memberships as both on the forum. The process is different, depending on which you are considering, hence the reason I ask which type.

You’ll find lots of information on the forum, and it helps to use the spyglass and search for key words of interest to you.

I’ll add a link to the relevant THS webpage, as that provides lots of information on both memberships.

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Thank you for your reply! I would like to join as a basic sitter. What documents did you have to submit to qualify to become a sitter? Was it a difficult process?
Thank you

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Hi @Mhicks I joined more than seven years ago and the membership format is much different now. There are three levels of membership, depending on what services you want to include in your ‘package’. I have the basic membership, now called standard, which is the lowest cost level.

It depends greatly on so many factors as to which is the best fit for you. The range of sitters and their lifestyles is really wide: for example, some only sit as a family during school breaks, while others are solo nomadic travellers who sit full-time with no permanent home.

As this is a public forum, I’ll message you directly with my contact information and I’ll be happy to chat with you about it.


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A little late but here is a picture of the 3 furballs we adopted in July 2020…
Thanks to @Snowbird for guiding me in how to attach the picture :grinning:


Beautiful pets @Manunited

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Adorable … thank you and as the saying goes, better late than never. :dog: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

hi @Mhicks and welcome. Housesitting is a great way to enjoy pets /have your pets taken care of, and stay somewhere other than home. However it does not suit everyone :-). If you are just starting out you may want to consider a country specific platform to start getting reviews and which tend to be cheaper than THS. If you decide housesitting is for you you will be more able to decide which of THSs levels of membership would work best for you.

Thank you!

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