Greetings from the United States, seeking assistance

Hello everyone! I would appreciate it if a few individuals could review my profile. While I’ve gone through the guidelines, I’m seeking feedback from other sitters. Thank you in advance.

Welcome @zhilen111

If you attach your sitters profile to your forum profile we can take a look :eyes: and offer helpful suggestions.

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Welcome @zhilen111 !

Attach your listing as @Silversitters suggests and you’ll get lots of good feedback from the forum.

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Hello, @zhilen111 If you need any help attaching your THS sitter profile to your forum profile just let me know and I can help you so that you can get the help and feedback that you requested. I have DM’d you as well :smiling_face:

Checked out your profile, looks pretty solid overall. Love the pet pics! Maybe add a bit more about specific sitting experiences or your connection with animals.