Has anybody else looked after Guinea Pigs before!? I did recently & I loved them so much!

I love Guinea pigs so much!!!

They are so cute & make a lovely little noise!!

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@Fluffball As a child I was thrilled when I got to bring one of the school guinea pigs home for the holidays! I don’t think I’ve looked after one since though. Hopefully that will change before too long.


I used to breed guinea pigs many years ago, I absolutely love them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know, they are just so wonderful!!

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Do you have a picture you can share of the guinea pigs you’ve looked after @Fluffball and what did you find the most fascinating about them?

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I sat with a trio and then a pair on different sits; in both cases with a dog in the house.
The trio shared a house with a JRT and I asked whether I needed to keep the bedroom door closed (that’s where the pigs cages were) and the male host said ‘no.’ I think they were really his fiance’s pigs - he named then 1, 2, and 3. Anyhow, the JRT had no interest in them.


I used to have 4 of them. I bred them for certain approved pet stores. They are fun quirky little fur balls. Love their squeaks and their cuddles into your neck you won’t forget.


Haha … yes …and unfortunately their dog who they told me wasn’t really interested in them at all kept trying to get them … wasn’t the best experience, lol! He got one out of the cage one night and threw it across the room. Fortunately, we all survived the experience.