Hello Bay Area!

Hello there,

My name is Courtney and I am a Bay Area native and have been living in Montclair Oakland for the past 7 years. I absolutely love this area! I have had animals all my life and currently have a bunny named Scout who runs freely in my home as well as a fish tank. I miss having a dog and have had them all my life up until now. I have house sat for the VP of my former company for over 5 years and have also been house sitting and dog sitting for my neighbor and my landlord for the past 7 years. I have also done this for other people in my life just because I am dependable and miss having dogs in my life. I love being outside and taking furry friends on walks and adventures and am always very clean and respectful of people’s homes. I also have a green thumb for those who need some plants loved while they are away. :slight_smile:


Hello @courtney and welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from California and for a great introduction, I had to smile at the thought of your bunny running in the fish tank … I know that’s not what you meant but it did bring a smile to my face.

Pet sitting is an amazing way for pet lovers to connect with pets, new people and discover places in a way traditional travel simply cannot do, as you have no doubt found out with all of the experience you have shared.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other member from around the world.

Angela and the Team