Hello everyone, this is my first post

I have just joined and although I have no experience yet on here, I have always had a dog and 2 cats for over 15 years. Sadly we lost our beautiful Bella 2 years ago. She was the most wonderful Black Labrador. I have helped out many friends over the years , both in our own home and stayed at theirs. We have been happily married for 41 years and looking forward to the next stage of life. My husband is retired and I work part time, mostly online, looking after women’s well being.
Any advice will be really appreciated to help me get started.


Hello @JulieB62 and a very warm welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining in the conversation.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, saying goodbye to our furry family members is heartbreaking and leaves a void that is very difficult to fill. You are not alone many of us understand exactly how you feel and for some pet sitting has been the way to help heal hearts and bring pet joy back into our lives, it was that way for me.

You have so much to look forward to and we also look forward to sharing in your new adventure, you’ll find our community helpful, supportive and full of great advice, just ask your questions and there’s a whole host of experienced members ready to help.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and welcome one again.

Angela & The Team

Welcome @JulieB62
We are very happy to have you join us as you embark on your next phase of adventure.
Enjoy exploring the wonderful information shared here and feel free to ask anytime, join in on the conversation and share your own insight.
All the best

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Thank you. x

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Thank you. I am looking forward to our next stage in life and all the experiences we will have. x

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