Hello from a home owner in Riga, Latvia

Hi there, I am the proud owner of two lovely bunnies and we currently live in Riga, Latvia. I have used TrustedHousesitters for for almost ten years in three different cities/countries and have mostly met amazing sitters. I normally travel quite a lot to see family and friends or just for fun, so I probably have up to five different sitters per year. Please feel free to ask me anything you wish to know from a home owner’s perspective.

I have my next sit already covered, but if you are reading this and might be interested in a house sit in Latvia, let me tell you that getting here is fairly easy, even during this global pandemic. Latvia only expects you to self-isolate for ten days, which means you can still leave the house to buy groceries or go or a walk. So if you are more of an outdoorsy person and love bunnies, please keep us in mind when I announce my next request for a TrustedHousesitter!


Hi Elke! We moved to Minsk in August 2020, and as soon as we can, we hope to visit Riga! I hear it’s lovely. I hope you are enjoying it!


Hi Elke & @DebbieDownes welcome both to our community forum launch “party” … you are practically neighbors!

Latvia sounds like a beautiful place to be and with bunnies as well Elke I’m sure you’ll have more wonderful sitters wanting to stay.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community and for joining in the conversation, enjoy connecting with other members and each other!

Angela & The Team

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Hi Elke, Welcome!

Latvia is on our bucket list. :star_struck: We spent a year in Europe house sitting but never had the opportunity of making it to you absolutely beautiful country! Don’t be surprised if you see an application from us :wink:

Happy travels on your upcoming holiday!


Hi Elke,
Great to read your intro. Visited Latvia 2 years ago when my son got married to his Latvian girlfriend. love the great outdoors there! They live in Jurmala now, close to Riga. I will check your sittings regularly, so that maybe one day I can visit my grandson. I just hope they will cancel travel restrictions, because I refuse a test ;).

Take care! Anthony


Hi Elke -

I grew up on a farm and at one time we had over 400 rabbits! It was always fun to go take care of the new bunnies! My daughter also had one as a pet in our home. I think my mom would have gone crazy over such a thing!!

As a homeowner, I’m interested in whether you provide transportation for your sitters. Our home, though in a very walkable area, would require a car (or uber, I guess) for long term stays.

Thanks. And by the way, Latvia is definitely on our list for future travels!




Hi Elke
Lovely to see a home owner in Latvia! My parents were Latvian so I have very close ties with the country and hope to be able to visit again one day.
Enjoy your time in Riga!


Hi Dace thank you for joining in the conversation, great to have you here.

Welcome we can’t wait to get to know you better and share in your THS story.

Angela & The Team

Welcome Elke. I would love to go to Latvia. But borders are closed and France is red now; Hope it will be ok soon

I’m both an owner and a sitter on THS and I love rabbits. I looked after my neighbours’ ones in summer.

You’ll see many interesting threads on this forum. Nice exchanges. Much nicer than on many social medias…


@DebbieDownes Yes, it is a very nice city, even at the moment. I hope you can travel here soon.

@PassportSoulmates, I don’t drive and never have, so sitters never needed a car. I sometimes feel bad that I cannot provide airport pickup, but then again the sitters need to master getting around my city sooner or later. I have a bike which I sometimes offer if someone is a bike person.


Welcome, Elke. Riga is on my bucket list - perhaps our paths will cross some day!