Hello from Brazil

I am Brazilian and I have two houses with beautiful animals (cats, dogs and turtles) in Bahia (Praia do Forte) and in the south of Brazil (Gramado)
I think of “choose a plan” but I noticed that there aren’t many houses registered here in Brazil, is it feasible to sign a plan for house sit in Brazil?
Brazilian house sit or pet sitters can tell me about your experience in Brazil?


I currently see 0 sits available in Brazil. So, if you were a sitter in Brazil wanting to sit locally, that would be tough.

However, if you’re a HO (homeowner) in Brazil, then you can have a nice monopoly! Sitters traveling to Brazil will be interested. And some people book their vacations by where they can get a sit!

Curious what others think. I’ve never been to Brazil. Closest was Ecuador and the Galapagos a few years ago.

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Ola @cristiane
I am a sitter currently in Uruguay and as @geoff.hom says, if you are a home and pet owner your listing may very well attract sitters interested in a Brazilian experience.There are many variables such as pets, the setting and duration of the needs.

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