Hello From Chattanooga, USA

Hello, we are new to TrustedHousesitters. I’m Leniece and my husband is Greg. I am a college professor and my hubby is an Audio Visual Tech who freelances. We are excited to house and pet sit, and next year we will become slow travelers around the world. We love to travel, see new places, and faces, eat, photograph and enjoy arts and culture. We love cats and dogs and housesitting will allow us to get the local feel in our desired destinations. I am working on getting that first sit and I am interested in local/regional sits rights now.

HI @LTSmith and welcome to the community forum! You are going to find so much helpful information here from both owners and sitters regarding their experiences with sitting.

I looked at your profile and love what you wrote about saving those sweet little kitties! Also, I am from Chattanooga as well. Grew up in East Ridge and come back a few times a year. What a change in that town over the last few years. Hopping place with lots to do.

I do have a couple of suggestions I would make to help get your most views. First, if you can get any more references to add to your listing, it helps owners feel more comfortable with a new sitter. If you have friends, family or co-workers who can write up honest and complete references, this will be great! Also, do you have any more pics of you guys with pets? Starting with local sits in your area is the best way to build up references. If you can secure a couple of local sits over the next month or two (even short weekends are great) you can give the owner reviews and in turn they can give you a review.

Lastly, I see you have not linked your TrustedHousesitters member profile to your forum profile. By doing so you will generate interest from those reading your profile and might just pick up a sit or two! Be patient and you will ultimately find your dream sit. You can see how to link your profiles via How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Hello @LTSmith and welcome to the forum. I’ve taken a quick look at your profile. As you show very few available dates, I’m wondering if you have the concept reversed. Green is available, white (by default) is unavailable.

Here’s a comprehensive post on the sitter availability calendar

Hello Snowbird,

I don’t have much availability right now. So those dates are correct.

Thank you,