Hello from Chesapeake Virginia

Hello everyone, I just stumbled on this AWESOME SITE and thought I would join. My husband, twin boys (15 y/o) and two dogs ( Candy and Benit) live in Chesapeake VA. This summer is going to be busy for us. I recently got a new job, and I am going to have to travel, my husbands job already had him traveling and both of my sons will be busy with mission trips and other summer activities so they will not be home much. I have always ensured either my husband or I have been home to take care of our dogs, because I believe they are a huge part of the family and we wouldn’t leave anyone else home alone but due to recent circumstances we are all going to be traveling. I was hoping I could find someone to who loves dogs as much as we do to care for them. Our dogs are like our kids, they are allowed on the furniture, get treats when they are good - or just go outside, and sleep with us. They also love to cuddle and sleep in, they will not leave your side till YOU want to get up…so no 6 o’clock in the morning taking them outside. I look forward to meeting new people and maybe once I officially retire, I might look into traveling to watch other peoples “kids” .


Hi @bobbiejturner and welcome to Trusted Housesitters and to the Community Forum. Here you will find lots of great info from other members who can answer most any question you may have.

I couldn’t see your profile as it is not tied to the forum, but if you want to link it, please follow below. This will allow sitters to immediately see what you are needing and can respond to your dates right through that location.

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Help, Website & Forum Support - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum

Good luck, and looking forward to seeing some of your adventures posted right here in the Forum

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Hello @bobbiejturner and a warm welcome from us all at both TrustedHousesitters and here on the forum. We think this is an awesome site too (all of us who moderate the community are either sitters or pet owners too!!).

I notice that your listing hasn’t gone live just yet, it’s just waiting some internal home photos, but once it’s up you’ll be able to add a link here as @Debbie-Moderator has suggested which will give you some extra exposure.

Have fun connecting with our members and look forward to seeing how your summer pans out. All the very best, Vanessa and the forum team!

P.s. if you want to post some pictures of the kids… please do share them here too!

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Welcome to the TrustedHouseSitters community @bobbiejturner :slight_smile: I absolutely agree that our fur babies are our children. I would love to see some pictures of Candy and Benit, I’m sure they are the best pups. I hope you have a wonderful summer traveling, and we can’t wait to hear how your first TrustedHouseSitters experience goes.

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