HI From Chesapeake Bay Virginia ... Looking forward to our first sitter

I’m Melinda and my partner Peter and I live on the Chesapeake Bay just outside Cape Charles Virginia. We have two wonderful dogs, Auggie a lovable 110 lb guy and Kali, 40 lbs, who everyone wants to take home. We also have 4 cats and Chickens. The wonderful thing is that we live on a large property and all the animals are free to roam, except our 5 hens. The hens are in a coop with a run and have automatic food and water, I throw grain and grit daily. I have a vegetable garden which is planted and on an automatic watering system. Flower garden in front of the house will have watering hooked up soon.
We live in a very special place down at the end of a dirt road on a point surrounded by water. Crabbing can be done off our dock. We have kayaks for use. I love floating in the bay when the tide is high.
Cape Charles has been found and a great place to visit. Free public bayside beach, fishing pier and shopping and resturants. Live music on the weekends. If you are lucky enough The Palace Theater might be having a production (I do theater there). Nature galore with nature trails, Savage Neck Dunes and Kiptopeke State Park. If you’re a birder this is a place to come.
A cloudy day today but the picture posted I just took out the livingroom window at 6:30 pm. The sun sets directly out this window and the sunsets are amazing.
Anyway I was told about Trusted House Sitters by a friend. Whoever came up with this is brilliant! Happy to have found you.



Hello @Auggie and a warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Your sit sounds absolutely idyllic, it’s a part of the US we have yet to visit but hope to very soon!
A stunning view from your window too btw.

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Hi Auggie,
Welcome. I might be interested. Look forward to seeing your listing.

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Hi @Auggie and welcome. My home isn’t far from yours, across the bay in Chesapeake. Sitting through THS has been a life changer for me. I haven’t been home in six months because I’ve been doing back-to-back sits but your listing might bring me back! :smile: