Hello From Cottage Country Ontario

We’re Phil and Heather living on 2 acres on the Big East River, near the gorgeous town of Huntsville, Ontario. We’ve been registered with THS off and on for several years and have hosted five fantastic sitters, some of whom have become great friends.

We have a 17 year old Beagle (Maya), who sleeps all day, and a newly adopted German Shepherd (Britta) who came to us thin and scared, after 25 hours in a crate, from Egypt. 6 weeks later, she has decompressed and has made herself thoroughly at home and is becoming the best-trained GSD ever. Once her manners are fully in place, she will be starting agility training as she just loves the tunnels, ramps and jumps at school. A little different from the shelter in Cairo with 2000 other dogs.

We’ve just sold our business which was running a cottage rental company in Ontario, and now have so much more time for travel, so are looking forward to meeting many more housesitters and sharing our beautiful location.

Looking forward to meeting more people in this community.

Heather & Phil


Welcome Heather and Phil, from another Ontarian (although a nomadic one). Congratulations on having some more travel time to explore the world. I know your part of Ontario well. It’s a lovely area for sitters to enjoy and I am sure you will have no trouble getting applications. Your dogs sound perfect :slight_smile:

My, your lives — and your shepard’s! — are so interesting! Welcome to the forum and maybe see you one day. :blush:

Hello @HeatherB. Welcome to the community forum. We too have made some fantastic friends through pet sits. It’s such a wonderful way to meet great people. As is this forum. Stick around here for a while, and you’ll make even more animal- and travel-loving friends!
Happy travels.

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