Hello from Croscombe in Somerset

Hi, we’re joining as we are off for Christmas and will be looking for someone to stay in our farmhouse and look after our 10 year old cat whilst we are away.
I haven’t set up an account just yet but wanted to hear from people who have done this before. We live in a beautiful 250 year old farmhouse with a huge garden and amazing views and our cat (‘Sparky’) is a large white Maine Coon cross and just gets stressed when nobody is around to tell him how gorgeous he is!


@Dhammadad welcome to your initial glimpse of a wealth of information on the wonderful world of petsitting. If you use the spyglass search option and type ‘Christmas’ you will find numerous threads relating to your question. Once you’ve joined, linking your housesit request to your profile, is also a helpful way to gain feedback, if you feel the need. You are on the right path, as you will see, folks like to book their holiday sits in advance when possible. Best of luck!!!


Youre in a great part of Somerset - Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury and Wells all nearby - which is worth mentioning in your profile.

Do some research - on here, there’s lots of good advice about making a profile attractive to sitters. Have a look on THS itself (you need to register but you dont have to be a member) and check out other home-owners’ profiles - that also might prompt you of things that could be included.

Here’s a starting point:

As @joanne has said, you can link your THS profile to your community forum user name when you’re ready and ask for a critique if you’re not confident.

I know just how he feels… :wink:

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