Hello from Derbyshire UK :)

Hello there from beautiful Derbyshire. We are Tim and Laura and we live in a pretty little village where we enjoy walking and making music. We have been house sitting through THS for years but are new to the forum. :slight_smile: This year we did two house sits so far, one in Islington through THS and one in Shepherds Bush - that was for our friends that we met through THS, does that count as a THS sit as well? We tend to travel a lot as many of our friends live in London and abroad.
Currently we’re looking for a sit in the Netherlands in August or September. We have experience taking care of dogs, cats and horses.
Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead!


@LauraSK Welcome to the community forum of TrustedHousesitters. I took a while to decide to join the forum, but I’m glad I did. I have many years of being a sitter with THS, but I’ve still learned lots from being here. I’ve incorporated some ideas that have really been effective. It’s also good to learn more about what’s happening in other areas of the world for members.

I encourage you to embed a link to your sitter profile into your forum username/profile . It has many benefits, including others in the community learning more about you.

Many sitters have kept up relationships with former homeowners from the site, especially when returning to do sits for them. For those you sit for who are no longer members, you can request a reference. It’s good for THS owners to see that you’ve had repeat sits, as it confirms that the owners truly were happy with you. If it’s a reference, make sure to ask the person to include the location (city/country) as well as the date range. With reviews, this is automatically shown, whereas it has to be manually added for references.

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Hi Francine,
Thanks for your message:). I am having difficulty finding the link to my profile- when I am logged in, my profile link looks like this: https ://www.trustedhousesitters.com/user/profile/edit/profile-preview
which doesn’t seem to refer to my own profile if copied and pasted?

Thankyou for your help,

Hi @LauraSK … I’ve just popped in and added your profile link for you. It should be there and working now :slight_smile:

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