Hello from Massachusetts

We are new members, Todd and Terrie. Very excited to be a part of this organization that brings together people who love their pets and want the very best for them!! We have our first house/pet sit coming up in August and are currently in the process of deciding on a sitter. We are so glad that we have found THS!

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Welcome @2tswhite to the Community Forum. Yes, this is definitely a group of people who love animals and love looking out for them…whether they are the owners looking for the perfect sitter, or the sitter looking for that perfect sit! You are going to find valuable information here with answers to most any question you might have as well as valuable insight into all that happens within the member group.

I don’t see that you have linked your profile to the forum yet. By doing so, you will have so much more exposure to members who are searching for the right sit. To do so, please just follow the link below:

[How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile (How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile)

Once again, welcome to the family… are always here to assist. Make sure you post pics of your adventures so we can all get to know you!

Debbie and the Forum Team

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