Hello from my moho!


I’m Ruth, and I live in my motorhome, Billy. I’ve been on the website and doing sits for a while, but didn’t really suss that there was a forum, duh! I used to say I prefer cats, but recently, I’ve discovered that dogs are pretty cool too, and I’ve got used to the walking! Still don’t like chickens…sorry.

So, off to search why I can’t seem to leave reviews for a couple of lovely sits I have done for dogs and cats in Suffolk…


@RMCQ1960 Hello Ruth and congratulations on finding your way to the community forum.

I searched using the help tab on the main website homepage and came up with these instructions. By the way, the terminology is that sitters give feedback and owners give reviews. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aw thanks… I had that lightbulb moment earlier, and spotted the right place to leave a review/feedback…so uup, all done, thanks.