Hello from new Forum Member in Wakefield

Hi, I’m Kathy and my hubby and I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire with our two lovely cats Purdie and Felicity. We have been members of TH for about 4 years, and met some lovely people who have looked after our ‘ladies’ for us. I have joined the forum as I am hoping someone can help with getting sits, as I seem to have a problem with this at the moment. For longer holidays there doesn’t seem to be a problem, but for shorter ones I am struggling, and I wondered if this is common, and if we lengthened our time away would this help?


Hi @KathChrisG, you have good feedback from past sitters and your cats look lovely. Perhaps add a photo of the sitter’s bedroom and bathroom. Sitting is getting going again and many owners are like yourselves and posting just shorter times away, probably to just have a break. You may be able to boost your listing so it appears “new” on the listings as often sitters just browse what’s new and any that have been listed sometime might not get looked at. All the best.


Hi @KathChrisG welcome to you and your two adorable kitties, thank you for joining us from West Yorkshire. I see that you’ve added the listing link to your profile which will help forum members find your listing, which looks lovely and you have some great sitter feedback and as @temba says do add some more photos, especially of the inside of you lovely home, the kitchen etc.,

There are new members joining everyday and we do advise them to start local to build up their reviews as they will be on the spot and able to visit pre sit, you could do a search and invite local sitters.

Pet companionship is why most sitters look to sit, pets come first but it also give the opportunity to experience a new place, sitter are beginning to travel more and re listing will also help give an extra boost.

Welcome again and I’m sure you’ll get some more great feedback from our members, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Angela and the Team

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Hi Angela
Thanks for your email. I will take a few more photographs, and as mentioned by Duncan, one of our sitters, also mention the walks around our area.
We did have a sitter for our short break in March but unfortunately yesterday she cancelled due to personal reasons.
Perhaps you could advise me whether it would be worth extending our holiday in May. We have a small motorhome and are retired so could do this. The plan was 8 days but we could extend to 2 weeks maybe.
Thanks for your help.
Regards Kathy

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Hi @KathChrisG and welcome. Just stepping in as Angela is on a San Diego timeline at the moment so may be sleeping :slight_smile: Your suggestion to extend your May holiday is a good idea, and my advice would be to say in your listing (at the top so easily seen when browsing), that you are flexible with your dates, so anything between 8 days and 2 weeks would work. That way you open up your sit to more opportunities. I’ve sometimes seen owners also add “flexible dates” into their listing title and I know that’s often an attraction to us when trying to fill back to back dates.

I’m know Angela will get back to you later too, and may have further suggestions. All the best for now, Vanessa

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Thanks for that. I have done as you suggest, and had another look at my listing and made a few alterations and added a few more photos. I also sent invites to a couple of local sitters (I had tried this before but the ones I asked weren’t available) and have had a response from someone who hopefully can manage my May dates, so things are looking up. I will manage with help from my son and neighbours for March if necessary. All the best

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