Hi From Juliette In Lincoln, England

Hello all, I have been a member since October and sat one house as well as been lucky enough to find two sitters for my cat Jasper.

I hadn’t realised this Forum was an option until a sitter let me know. Great idea.

Any tips on getting sitters in? Sometimes I get several applicants and this time only one who got a different sit in the end.

Looking forward to being involved.



Hello @Juliette and welcome to the forum. I’ll suggest you first take a look at the following post below, which helps explain the sometimes low number of applicants:

Sitter/Owner ratios

and in particular, the 10 tips from Angela, the forum manager. Also,

How to create the perfect owner listing

As the forum content grows, sometimes it helps to use the spyglass to search a key word to narrow down your options for reading. If you don’t find an answer to your question, post it here and members will do their best to help.

Oh, and keep in mind that this forum is worldwide. I can only imagine how many 'Lincoln’s there are in the world. If you edit your headline to show ‘UK’ that will be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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