Hello From New Orleans!

Hi everyone!

My husband Diego and I have just joined Trusted Housesitters, and we already have our first two housesits with some cute dogs and cats lined up. We are truly excited to be a part of this community!

We have watched our friends’ pets for many years while they are out of town, and housesat for friends of friends. Also, I (Katrina) was a Couchsurfer when I was younger and loved to see the world by making connections with people who live in the cities I was visiting.

Our cat of 18 years recently passed away, and she was the last of 3 cats that lived in three different countries with us. We miss having pets, but want the freedom to travel for a bit, so we thought that pet sitting was a good option for us! I (Katrina) am working from home right now, so we are taking this opportunity to travel around the US.

We look forward to connecting with you all!


Katrina and Diego
Welcome to TH. Great that you have some sits set up. I grew up in New Orleans, a neighborhood called Mirabeau Gardens at the time (I think Fillmore now) and then old Lakeview. Went to high school at Ben Franklin when it was on Carrollton Ave.
Haven’t been back much - for my 50th HS reunion in 2019 and then for a long weekend in April when my brother and I scattered our parents’ ashes in a City Park lagoon across from where our grandparents lived in the 900 block of City Park Ave.
Hoping to grad a NO sit some time - had a few chances, but other sits confirmed first.


Hi Katrina & Diego, Welcome to our community forum and thank you for bringing a taste of New Orleans to our Saturday, we are so glad you’ve joined.

We are so sorry for the loss of your last furry family member what a truly well traveled family. My Springer was part of our expat travels living in many different countries, in fact she had more air miles than many humans, if airlines had a FF programs for pets, which they don’t of course.

It was losing her that started us on our pet sitting journey, helping heal our hearts and giving back pet joy into our lives … that was 13 years ago and over 200 sits with TrustedHousesitters. Your adventure will be just as amazing, I’m sure. Congratulations on having already “landed” two sits, that such great news.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with our great supportive members from around the world … you’ll find all the help and advice right here, if and when you need it.

Welcome again and have a lovely weekend.

Angela & The Team


Hi Tom,

I know all those places well! We live near City Park and the bayou. I hope you get a housesit here soon!

Thank you Angela!

Yes, people are always surprised that I took my cats to live abroad with me (3 of them!), but it was just one bad day for them, and there is no way I would have given them up. They all lived to be ripe old ages, and we had many of our own pet sitters take care of them as well. :slight_smile:


Katrina and Diego: Welcome to the forum! I am from suburban New Orleans, but live in Atlanta now. I go back to visit family and friends several times a year. Good luck on your first sit. We hope you enjoy sitting as much as we do. It is a wonderful way to travel and enjoy the company of sweet pets.


Thank you!

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