Hello from Newcastle Australia

Hi people
I have been using this site for many years and my dogs have enjoyed the company of many wonderful people from around the world. My name is Bron and I am a retired high school teacher. My daughter and I travel together but like many of you Covid affected our plans.
Our next trip is to Uluru and we are very excited.



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Where is Uluru @Bronx ?? Wecome to the club

Hi Bron and welcome to you and your daughter.
I was in Oz and about to take up my first housesit there when it seemed prudent to return to the UK as the pandemic had really hit. I’ve travelled around Oz 4 times now but on that occasion had my first trip to Tasmania, spending over 3 weeks there. It was quite special! I also had my second trip to the Oz Open and first trip to Adelaide Fringe and Art festivals, also WOMADelaide. Can’t wait to get back there again.
Enjoy your housesit in Uluru!

Uluru is Ayers Rock in Northern Territory


Hi Bron and welcome to our community, it’s wonderful to meet you at last after all these years!

We’d love to hear more about Newcastle and your Mother and Daughter pet sitting adventure … when are you off to Uluru? Be sure to share your travels with us.

Enjoy the conversation and being connected with your community, we can’t wait to get to know you better.

Stay safe and well.

Hey Bronx! Nice to see another Novocastrian round these parts. Should you ever like to meet for coffee, would be happy to have a chat :+1:

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