Hello from Norfolk UK! :) Kia Ora NZ! (Here we come Dec 23 onwards)

Hello everyone
We are relatively new to this site but have been informally house/ animal sitting for a while now. We love cats, dogs and our boys are so kind and gentle and caring to any living thing!
We are planning our adventures to New Zealand with our 2 boys from December 23 onwards
We travelled so much as a married couple and now feel this is the right time to begin our adventures with our boys :slight_smile:
WE have 2 cats ourselves.

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Hello, @edwardsfamilyUK
Wishing the Edwards Family a very warm welcome to the forum community. It is lovely to have you here.

What a great experience for you as a family! New Zealand is somewhere that I have always been fascinated to visit so please keep us posted regarding your adventures.

You can use the spyglass to search for previously discussed topics and there are some great stories about families travelling together.

Here is one to get started:

I can see the link to your THS sitters profile is already viewable in your forum profile, that will really help other members connect and give you helpful feedback and tips.

You have some fantastic family photos (I love how smiley everyone is :smiling_face:) A tip from me would be to include a photo or two that has a pet in it with you and your family if you have any. That way owners can see you caring for pets and see that you are a pet-centric family.

You can also set up a saved search for New Zealand sits. Here is the link to the help desk and if you type in saved searches then you can see how to set them up:


If you need any more help or tips then please do not hesitate to let me know.

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Yes, welcome @edwardsfamilyUK ! New Zealand is a fabulous destination. I hope to get there one day too. So wonderful that you want to provide this experience for your children!

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