Hello from Suffolk

So happy to be here! We have lived abroad for 22 years, but finally retired home in the UK in 2021. We have two chihuahuas - 10 and 13 years old. Over the years we have taken them on our travels, but age is proving a bit difficult for them these days, and they prefer the home comforts. We have a character cottage (building started in the 1600s!!) which overlooks fields in the lovely county of Suffolk. We are just over half an hour from the East Coast, 15 mins from Ipswich, an hour from Norwich and Cambridge. Lots of lovely days out, or days in with the views and bbq in our back garden. Would love to have a pet sitter who enjoys the country lifestyle, rural walks and welcoming pubs!


Hi @lynner and welcome to the forum. You’ve nicely painted a picture-perfect sit in my mind with your description. It sounds lovely, and especially the idea of a cool drink at the pub after a walk in the countryside. :wink:

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