Hello from Surrey, UK

Hi, my name is Nadeem :smiley:

I work remotely from my laptop and I’m very excited for this opportunity to travel and work at the same time!
We have 3 cats at home Zara, Snow White and Athena. No dogs but I love them both equally :joy: it’s so hard to pick just one. I love cats because they are not too demanding and just do their own thing. Dogs are just the best to play with and give you an excuse to go for a walk everyday which isn’t so bad!

Great to be here and I hope to some of you guys soon :smiley:


@Nads hello and welcome to our forum where you will find a great group of members who are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Being a sitter who loves cats is going to be great as there are so many, many open sits right now for someone just like you.

I see you have not joined TrustedHousesitters yet, and if you have any questions about how to join, please follow Trusted Tips - How to get started as a house sitter - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. There is so much information you can find once you are into the site…from how to join to how to get those first sits like this Getting Your FIRST Sit - Sitter Questions, Advice & Chat - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. You can see questions from other sitters who have asked similar questions and gotten great guidance from those who have been sitting for quite a while.

Once you join, make sure you link your member profile to your forum profile so you have extra exposure and ease of members who can give you great feedback on your listing.

Good luck, and make sure you share pics of your new adventures with all of us here on the forum!

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Thank you for the warm welcome Debbie :smiley:

Welcome, Nadeem!

If you have any questions before or after joining TH, just ask!

A cat named Snow White? Yeah, why don’t we use compound names or multiple words more? Ever seen the Netflix doc, “Inside the Mind of a Cat”? They show that a cat knows its name (e.g., Carl). I wonder if yours would come at just “Snow” or “White”?

Do you plan to be a sitter, pet parent, or both? I’m more of a cat person for the reasons you mention—and I grew up with cats—but sitting for dogs can be like … visiting Las Vegas! If you know that saying. :grin:

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Thanks for your warm welcome Geoff! :slight_smile:

I can’t say I’ve seen that show but it sounds interesting, one to add to my watchlist for sure. It’s a curious thing isn’t it re pets recognising their name, I often wonder if it’s just the sound of your voice they recognise!

Luckily I have family living at home so I’m not planning on being a pet parent (not yet anyway).
I’d say right now I plan to become a sitter and use the chance to visit some cool places around the world and meet some cool 4-legged friends :laughing:


I realized I could just send the direct link to the doc:

The cat researcher controls for what you are wondering. Once you see how they do it, you can test on Snow White yourself!

Best of luck on your new adventures!

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