Hello from Tbilisi, Georgia

Hi there. We’re a South African couple currently living in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country). Brand new to THS! We’re registered as owners because we have two cats, Amber and Moebi and petsitters. Is there anyone out there who’d like to visit Georgia?

We are slow travellers who think this is just the most wonderful idea to explore places, meet people and pets! I cannot wait to experience homes and spaces and explore places with doggos and cattens!

We will soon move on to Mauritius with our cats and hope to meet some of you there.


Hello and welcome.
I visited Moscow, Saint Petersburg still Leningrad at the time, Yalta and Kiev in 1985. I had to return to Saint Petersburg, but the pandemic prevented me from doing so, too bad everything was planned. I would love to visit other regions but I prefer to wait a bit for things to stabilize, even if the country is open again, things can change from day to day.
And I would also like to go to Mauritius.
Good luck

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@Zellie a very warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters to you, Amber & Moebi thank you for joining us from Georgia, it would wonderful to hear more about the country you are currently calling home while you are still there. How long have you been there and how are you liking it?

A move to Mauritius, amazing I lived in Mumbai for 6 years and the island was our go to destination for any R&R time we had.

Welcome again, please feel free to ask any questions, enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and we look forward to sharing in your THS slow travel journey.

Angela and the Team

@Angela-CommunityManager - Thank you very much! I’m super excited to be here.

Georgia is fascinating, it has such a rich history. One of my favourite stories about Georgia is that of Tamar the Great, she was a female ruler here in the late 1100s to early 1200s. She expanded Georgia and made it more powerful. Her reign is regarded as the Golden Age in Georgian history because it saw the greatest expansion during her reign.

We’ve been in Georgia since Feb 2021, we’ve had good and bad days of course, and the adjustments’ not always been easy for us. But going into winter now, it’s becoming more magical by the day with snow and Christmas decorations, it’s just lovely!

We accidentally rescued the two cats. Here are many, many, many stray cats and dogs. Sometimes they’re so well fed that they pull up their noses at leftovers if it’s not to their liking, other times it’s heartbreaking.

I’m really glad to hear that you like Mauritius, we’re excited to be closer to home and have more friends able to visit us there.


I would love to do a sit in Tbilisi or Mauritius. I’ve visited Russia (first trip when it was still the USSR in 1970), the Ukraine (USSR and post-USSR), all the Baltics (post USSR), and Moldova (when it was still part of the USSR) but never east of Moscow or south of Kishinev.
I’ve been fortunate to do 2 UK and 1 South Korea sits before covid set in. Headed to the UK for a string of 4 sits through early January on Tuesday.
One of my better stories about Estonia -I volunteered for an Earthwatch project in Estonia shortly after the breakup of the USSR. The PI was a Russian who did not speak Estonian, I speak some Russian (studied it in high school). When we would stop at markets to put together lunch the PI would speak Russian to the babushkas who were selling things and they wouldn’t talk to her - they wanted her to speak Estonian. But they took pity on me, the American who knew a bit of Russian and would talk to me in Russian. I expect Georgians are the same way - many know Russian but don’t want to use it?
Take care.

Hi Tom! Actually, most Georgians speak Russian and don’t have a problem with it. But you are correct in that the political climate here is very volatile, furthermore, the relationship between Russia and Georgia is so nuanced and complex it’s a rather difficult subject, good for an in-person conversation! Google the name, Mikheil Saakashvili, for example, he’s the ex-president who went on a hunger strike and came out of it, I think last week. Just to give an example of what’s happening.

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And we would love to have you either here or in MUR. :smiley:

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Hello Zellie!

It is wonderful that you made a post here in Forum, because I am also new to the platform and sometimes it is difficult to find new members to share with :slight_smile:
I am originally from Russia, however, I lived in Dublin, Ireland since the age of 14 and now it has been 6 years of living in Prague, Czech Republic!

It has been a long dream of mine and my husband to visit Georgia but somehow we never made it there yet! I hope you can give us a chance to take care of Amber and Moebi and visit beautiful places around you!

Best regards,
Anna & Mads


Hi Ana,

It’s wonderful to meet you. What a journey you’ve been on, I would love to talk about your experiences, since we only recently started ours.

When would you like to come to Ge?

Geozel and Paul

Hello Geozel and Paul,
It is nice to hear from you back!

It has been quite a few of travelling for me that’s true, I forgot to mention that I lived in Puerto Rico for a year and travelled around the US too! :slight_smile:

I will be happy to share travel tips with you guys about the US, Ireland and Europe and you are always welcome to our home in Prague (in case it is on your travel list) to enjoy the city, food and take care of our cute 5 y.o german terrier Chapo.

When are you guys moving to Mauritius? I heard fascinating things about it! We would love to visit this beautiful island anytime you need a sit for Amber and Moebi. In past, I had a lot of experience house sitting cats and we had one of our own too ( British Shorthair).

We are both entrepreneurs so our schedule is quite flexible as we both work from home. All it takes is just dropping me a message so we can arrange our travel plans (flight tickets, read about quarantine rules and etc). We are both vaccinated so travelling should not be that hard :slight_smile:

Cheers from Prague!
Anna & Mads

We’re moving in March 2022. I think I found you on the sitter’s side. Please have a look if I’m correct? Otherwise, I might have messaged someone else and I look like complete weirdo… :smiley:

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Everything is working out great, just got your message :slight_smile: