Hello from Tel-Aviv, soon to be in Britain!

Hi There
My name is Adi, and I am travelling with my partner Rutie and our 18 y/o daughter Ollie. We are originally from Israel but we intend to explore the world in the coming years, especially in Europe since we have European passports.
We are going to start with a housesitting tour in the UK, and already have confirmed sits from March till the end if May. This whole process is very exciting and I’m looking forward to all the nice experiences that we will have and the amazing dogs and cats we are due to meet and hang out with


Hi @AdiMoreno
A warm welcome to the forum.

Please add your profile to your forum profile so that other members can get to know you better.

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It’s thrilling to hear about your confirmed sits. Where about are your sits in the UK? You may also like to organize a meet up as other members may be close by.

Best wishes
Therese and the Forum team.

Hello @AdiMoreno and welcome to the forum. There are some really great members here who are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have during your journey.

I see you are traveling with your daughter as well. Is she still in school? I am always curious how travel like that works (even though we all experienced the need during the last few years).

Congratulations on getting all the new sits. Please make sure you share your adventures here on the forum!

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Hi Therese,
Thanks for clearing that up. I added the link
We will be starting in London, than a bit in Cambridge area, north to Manchester and we’ll finish close to Birmingham where we’ll stay for 5 weeks. That will be a great time to meet with other trustedhousesitters so I hope we’ll be able to catch a meeting or maybe even arrange one!

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HI @AdiMoreno
It’s so nice to see your profile here, and to enjoy the many interactions on the forum. You seem to have a lovely trip planned so far.

I would like to suggest that you add a few more photos, especially ones interacting with pets, as pet parents/owners love to see these.

There is a meetup and events topic, so once you know your specific date and location, perhaps keep an eye out on this thread as there may be someone else organizing one that you can attend, or, as you say, you could organize one as well. There are also lots of lovely dog-friendly places in the UK, which makes things so much easier.

Hello @AdiMoreno and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
Your housesitting tour of the UK sounds very exciting, and covering some great locations.
What pets will you be looking after on your first planned sit?

Hi Sam,
I still don’t have any favorites! all the dogs we are going to take care of look really sweet and fiendly. I’ll post our experiences as we go along…


@AdiMoreno looking forward to seeing all the updates and photos as you go along on your adventures :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face: