Hello from Vancouver, Canada

I am totally new to this site. Really interesting topics to talk about. I am looking to be a house sitter first in my own city Vancouver. So much information here to navigate through. Where should I start? Any suggestions anyone?

Look forward to this new experience of house sitting . From Vancouver Canada

Hi and welcome. Your best place to start is to have a thorough read of the website then a thorough read of the forum posts. If you still have questions (and I’ll be surprised if you do) then start a new post on the forum. It’s a good idea to start off doing sits local to where you live to start getting reviews, before going further afield.
Good luck!

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When we started housesitting, we took on local housesits and built up our portfolio. We haven’t stopped housesitting (full-time) since 2017. You’ll love it. TH is by far the best site.
Welcome to the experience.


Hi LT022 - we live in New Westminster having moved there two years ago from Abbotsford. When we joined THS in 2015 we decided we would start off doing local house sits to gain reviews and get a taste for house and pet sitting. We got the first sit we applied on in White Rock and then did many house sits in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Made us realize how much we missed the lower mainland so moved closer. Sits in Vancouver usually get snapped up fairly quickly but being a local you will probably have no problem in gaining sits as a lot of the homeowners like to have sitters that live close by so they can return. We still do the occasional local sit despite having moved back to the city and are currently doing a repeat house sit in Yaletown. Best of luck!


Hello @LT2022. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum. We’re glad you’re here. This forum contains an amazing amount of information, tips and insights to help new sitters and homeowners have great sit experiences. You’ve come to the right place.

One way to start is to use the magnifying glass up at the top right of this screen (to the left of your forum profile picture) and search for something like “getting started pet sitting.” That way you won’t have to feel like you’re “drinking from a fire hydrant” as you start learning about pet sitting.

Happy pet sitting!

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