Hello - Newbie here


We live on Dartmoor. I work in Tech and that means I can work from home. My boy joined the house a year ago and loves his walks.

I joined because I have a young dog who is quie anxious about seperation (we’re working on it) and I think it would be better for him if he was to stay in a familiar place with my scent.

I’m just a little nervous and I would like to be able search of sitters who have experience with the breed. I haven’t paid a membership yet and this feature may be available.


Hello @PY75 . I love Dartmoor, whereabouts are you and what breed of dog have you got?

This is the TrustedHousesitters Forum (for chatting, exchanging information and tips), you cant search sitters or homeowners on here.

For that, you need to go to the ‘proper’ THS website. You will need to create a (free) account to view sitters though:

Once you’ve created your account, you might want to link it to your profile here on the forum. Instructions here:


Thanks, I do have a free account and have searched for sitters but many don’t say whether or not they have certain breed experience.

I appriciate that this forum is not for finding sitters and I’d never look here as reviews are very important to me.

My boy is a bully breed

Ah, I see. I misunderstood your question.

I think not, is the answer. Sorry. I think in your place I would state upfront in my listing (maybe the Intro section) that you are looking for a sitter with experience of XYZ breed of dogs [and separation anxiety too, maybe].


Hi @PY75 , welcome to the group.
Your easiest option will be to join THS and to create a listing mentioning in the listing that you are looking for sitters with experience of your dogs breed - Most sitters will have experience with a variety of breeds so I am sure you will find a good fit

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Hello! We are planning a trip to the UK soon and though we don’t have our dates set in stone, your post grabbed my attention. I would love to discuss your situation and your Bully sometime. I have some beautiful rescue stories that I would love to share with you regarding anxiety and separation. We have been through many situations like this, and, if you would like to look at our profile (and all of our pics) you’ll find that Bully babies hold a HUGE part of our heart. Once you have created an account with more information, please let me know! We would LOVE to help you!!! :heart:

Hi @PY75 and welcome to the forum. I think there will are likely to be sitters out there with experience of lots of different breeds. We have sat for a bulldog and french bulldogs amongst a number of other breeds.