Help cant find sitter in Kent, England

Help, my holiday is looming and I’ve contacted a dozen sitters to no effect. Is this usual ?

@sunsetter I can understand your concern about not having a sitter secured yet, but please keep in mind you still have a month and sitters seem to be applying for sits that are shortly upcoming now unless it is a holiday time. I must say your home is lovely and Dylan is adorable!!

I would sugget you link your member profile to your forum profile here at Procedure - How to add a listing to a forum user profile - Staff - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum and follow the easy instructions. This will give our member ease of locating your sit and also give valuable feedback to help find that perfect sitter.

I wish you all the luck!


I understood from a previous email that this had already been linked

Regards Daphne

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The link doesn’t seem to work

I searched under Trottiscliffe and no listings

Link works for me, if I copy and paste it to the address bar.

@Wildcolonialgirl @sunsetter I just tested the link and it seems to be working fine, as @CatsAndDog mentioned you just need to copy and paste in to the search engine

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Works for me now too. I looked at the profile, its a nice sit, great location, great dog. I would apply but sadly not available.

I would have no idea where Trottiscliffe was. Not even Sevenoaks and Maidstone were familiar to me. Maybe it is an idea to mention that it is in Kent?