Hey from L.A

I’m new to the site, but not to pet/house sitting.

Been living in Los Angeles with my wife for the last ten years, but recently we’ve peacefully split. She’s keeping the apartment and our pup, while I try to find a new neighborhood to permanently move to. So I thought, why not try TrustedHousesitters?

The best part is that I’m self-employed as a writer so I have plenty of free time to spend with pets. I’m very familiar with Miracle Mile, Fairfax, Hollywood, WeHo, and the west side - keep me in mind if you’re booking a trip.

Then again, I have a car and am happy to travel. Hoping to take a trip up to Seattle to visit my nephew. Or travel to Nor Cal., Oregon, Colorado, they all sound like great places to spend some time.

I’m open to any advice experienced owners/sitters have to offer. Besides taking exquisite care of the animals, I want to make sure I live up to the TrustedHousesitter expectation.



@Cory Hello Cory and a big welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum from all the team! Sorry to hear about your life change but hope there are lots of pets and people in your very near future to help you transition :slight_smile: It sounds like you’ve made some positive plans and we look forward to following your journey and travels as you connect with the house sitting community.

We have removed your link as we are asking our forum members to pin their sitter profile links within their forum profile rather than on posts. This is because the best opportunity for success is on the website where ALL members are focused, searching and benefiting from the options available.

We’ve just updated the Forum guidelines so that you can see where to do that under the section “Update my Profile”. Updated "How To Use Our Community Forum" Is Here, but do let us know if you need help. You can direct message anyone on the team, any time.

Enjoy finding your way around all the topics and invaluable feedback here from our new and experienced members, and we hope you are soon booking your planned trip as a house sitter!! Take care, Vanessa


Welcome @Cory!
Back in the day, love saying that :grin:, when I started I was so apprehensive but I moved forward and discovered a whole new world. You will find there are unlimited places for you as well and you will travel, if you allow, to places you never dreamed of.
I actually ended up selling my home and after a while, my vehicle as well.
New found freedom changes our perspective in so many levels.
In joy!


Welcome to the forum and TH. I’ve not quite taken the steps that Ampara has.
I’m sitting in LA right - now Alhambra in a classic mid-cent modern on the top of a hill with a deck and a 270 view from the south to the north (can’t see east to San Bernardino). Sitting with short hair blue merle collie and an aussie shepherd. Because of the heat we mainly go out early in the day to a nearby dog park. Early June I sat on Naples Island in Long Beach with a big yellow lab who was known to everyone on the island and a cat.
The main advice is to be open - be willing to sit in places you might not have thought you wanted to go to, play around with schedules - I try to string multiple sits together but that may mean booking a hotel room for a night, although several HOs have said, come a day early or stay an extra day.


Great advice. Thanks Tom

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