Hi from Bangor Wales, UK

Hi we live in a small village in Bangor North Wales…small cottage and have 2 small dogs…
We have used trusted housesitters previously before covid…so we decided to have a week away …we always have had good sitters usually from Australia or New Zealand…travelling all over.


Hello @Peter and welcome to the community forum. I too am from your fair country, but crossed the ocean many years ago. I’m from South Wales. Do you speak Welsh? Although I realize the language has had somewhat of a rebirth in Wales as a whole, in my younger days it was really only spoken in North Wales, or in school classes. Now when I travel home, it still surprises me to hear it spoken. I’m embarrassed to say I only know about 10 Welsh words.

If you use the magnifying glass search function you might want to search the key word ‘Anglesey’. You’ll see three posts about your area and your neighbouring THS members.

Enjoy catching up on some of the various topics. If you don’t find answers to your questions, just add them to the forum and members will be happy to assist.

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