Hello from the Clwyd Hills, North Wales

Hi, I’m Hayley, I live in North Wales with my husband, 2 dogs and (sometimes) 2 daughters. Thought we’d try house sitters as we have a lovely home in a fabulous location and 2 very friendly dogs. Any advice on errors or omissions on our listing would be gratefully received. :star_struck:


@HayleyH, Hi and Welcome!

Your dogs, your home and the area are gorgeous. Your first picture is perfect. Your listing is pretty good.

Suggestions I have, are to delete some of the pet pictures. You don’t need more than two of each pet. How far are shops, food markets, restaurants? How far is the village or town?

You say the dogs can be left for several hours, can you be more specific?

Since there is no public transport, if you could offer use of a car, you would have a larger pool of sitters, as it is quite costly to hire a car these days.


Thank you Mars.
I will add the extra details and reduce puppy pics.
I will consider the viability of offering a car.

How do other people deal with extra insurance of offering the use of their car.

Welcome to the forum @HayleyH and THS.
You live in a beautiful part of Wales which I discovered in 2018. I’m returning there towards the end of June for a sit in Henllan, so I’ll be very close to where you live. Your listing looks great with two very adorable pups and lovely accommodation for your sitter.

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@HayleyH , why don’t you give your insurance agent a call. Find out what it would cost to add another temporary driver, if there are restrictions, for ex., some companies will not insure a driver who is 70 years or older, and know what the deductible would be in the event of a mishap. You can then decide after you have this info. And let the sitter know they would be responsible for paying the deductible if the car the car incurred any damage while in their possession.