Hi from Devon - looking forward to meeting some furry friends

Hi everyone, I’m Heidi from Devon and new to Trusted Housesitters. I have done two sits, one locally and 9 weeks earlier this year in the Caribbean. I also have my friend’s dog to stay with me for a week soon. I love walking and exploring new places, have a car that welcomes hairy, muddy, wet dogs. Looking forward to some house sits this winter in the SW or further afield.


Welcome to TrustedHousesitters @Heidi66 and how impressive is that!! First sit in the Caribbean! Which island did you house sit on? We’ve housesat for 3 months each in Barbados and St Vincent, the later being our favourite so far of all the islands we’ve travelled to for it’s authenticity and limited cruise ship tourism. Would love to hear about your experience! Enjoy connecting with the community and hope your car is filled with more loveliness soon!

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Hi, I was in Grenada. I used to live out there on my yacht (sold now) and new people who had relatives needing someone to look after their 2 old dogs. It was lovely to get back and catch up with friends. I lived on St Vincent for a bit and taught dinghy sailing to the kids - I know what you meant about authenticity. I believe the islands get friendlier the further south you go so you must visit Grenada (far less crime than St Vincent). I have been to Barbados but only for 3 weeks on a training course. Where in St Vincent were you based?


Hi Heidi and welcome to the forum. You’ll get a lot out of it and soon feel we’re your friends, even though you haven’t met us yet!
It sounds like you’ve done some amazing things and how wonderful to have lived in the Caribbean! Must get there some time soon.
Where in Devon do you live?

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Hi @Heidi66 - How fabulous … you’ll have a lot in common I’m sure with our member @ElsieDownie ! Another liveaboard sailer turned housesitter!

We were fortunate to experience 2 different locations… one sit close to Buccament and the other in Arnos Vale … very different locations, one with dogs, the other cats.

We did actually get very close to Grenada and it’s on the list for another time as we’ve heard all good things. We did our International Skipper courses (in Thailand a few months earlier) and chartered a boat at the end of our sits (in cheaper off-season!) and sailed down through the islands and Tobago Cays to Cariacou and back.

You just had me check out a video we made of the trip which brought back some lovely memories of that time. I’ve shared it … hopefully will bring some happy sailing memories for you too!!


Hi Smiley,

Thank you for the welcome. I live in Plymouth so ideally placed for visiting the beautiful Devon and Cornwall coasts and countryside. Where are you?

Great video. Funny I used to do some work for Horizons Yacht Charter - mainly out of Antigua. I used to teach sailing, do charters and do deliveries - your video made me want to go sailing again. :smile:


What a coincidence! They were excellent. Us too… we are hoping next year in the Med !

Wow! You and Ian are certainly making the most of your lives. A lovely video