Hi from Evelyn(Evie) and Roel in South Africa

We do take breaks during the year and seeing that our children moved on with their own lives and can not look after our four Jack Russels (Trash, Bella, Streep and Roes) anymore, we now need to surge for sitters.


My husband & I are huge fans of South Africa and would love to look after Trash, Bella, Streep & Roes as soon as the restrictions are lifted. We are more than happy to meet up before, whenever suits you.

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Welcome Evie :wave:

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Hi @Evie welcome to the forum and thank you for joining in the conversation.

You live in such a beautiful part of the world I cannot imagine you will have any problems getting wonderful sitters, once travel restrictions are lifted (what is the status of International Travel in SA at this present time?)

Four JR’s for company how wonderful, would love to see a pic, did you ever get them all in a row?

Enjoy being here and thank you again.

Angela & the Team

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Thank you so much. We are newbies on THS website. Can you see our dates on the web.


Hi Evie, yes we have seen your dates and we are hoping the UK and the world will open up soon to allow us to be able to commit to specific dates with you. The photos of the dogs are absolutely adorable.

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I forgot to mention we are complete newbies to the THS website too! :smiley:

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Hello and welcome. Enjoy. :dog:

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A negative PCR or Covid test not older than 72 hours from departure time and a travel health questionaire to be completed.

Four TR’s in a row? Impossible, but we will try.


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