Hi from Hampshire UK!

Hi everyone,

We are Dave and Fi and I have finally got round to introducing ourselves to this forum.

We live on our sailing boat in Portsmouth harbour when we are not wild camping in our Land Rover, renovating a small (and very rustic!) property in northern Spain or, last but not least of course, house sitting. We look forward to joining in discussions with you all and getting to know you through this for him.


Hi @FiandDog , we have a beach hut at Milford on Sea, not far from you in n Portsmouth, we also have a campervan that we often use when visiting the hut, (we live in Shropshire, at the top of the Ironbridge gorge) Welcome to the forum.


Hi Dave & Fi and welcome to the forum, we have a few members who live on their “water homes” wild campers in a Land Rover and renovating a rustic property in Spain, that all sounds absolutely amazing.

We can’t wait to share in your TrustedHousesitters journey, enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Thank you for joining our Forum community.

Angela & The Team

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Welcome! Enjoy your sitting :slight_smile:


Hi @FiandDog
We are Narrowboaters and love being on the water. Home town is Shrewsbury, birthplace of Charles Darwin.
Enjoy the forum.


Hi @FiandDog and welcome! You sound just like us (except we haven’t lived on a boat… yet :slight_smile: ) We have settled for a bit in France and have a very rustic conversion project underway too… fortunately just a few km from our current long-term house sit which helps!! We’ll be wild camping on our own plot this weekend :slight_smile: Have you managed to get out to Spain this year?

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Hi @CandAsitters , we used to have a narrowboat, moored at Droitwich Spa, we also live in Shropshire, top of the Ironbridge Gorge :grin:


@CandAsitters and@Foldor13 , Wow! What a cool lifestyle. Here in the :us: most people are not familiar with it. We watched a wonderful series on Prime called Cruising the Cut cruising the cut - Google Search and I was so taken by it—just concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle all the mechanical mishaps.
I found the series very relaxing and entertaining.


Hi Vanessa, lovely to hear from you. No, unfortunately we haven’t been to Spain this year and didn’t make it last year either so we’re itching to get out there next Spring :crossed_fingers:.

Good luck with your project in France. Is it your intention to settle out there eventually?

Hi, thank you for your message. How lucky to have a beach hut on the south coast, they’re like gold dust apparently! Do you have the opportunity to do much touring in your camper van apart from down to Milford?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hiya, yes we are very lucky to have the hut…… tbh we spend most of our time in the camper just coming down there to the hut as we love it so much! I am still working a bit so we also have commitments at home, and then once or twice a year we go away elsewhere when we stay in accommodation that is not dog friendly, hence our membership on here……

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So many haven’t been able to make their way to second homes … That’s why and how we’ve ended up with our long-term sit here … Luckily just a few kms from the renovation. Until this year settling again was a distant consideration, so we are hoping it’s just a short-term project, but we also think for us, having a base we can return to isn’t such a bad idea.

Look forward to following your travels when you get going again. Take care!


Ooo, we have settled in Bournemouth after spending five years sailing round the Atlantic rim. We thought it was time to grow up and buy a house! But we have now rented it out and gone travelling again.
Welcome. Your life sounds fantastic. Have our a blog?


No blog now Elsie, although I did write one when we were sailing the Caribbean. Happy continued travels!