Hi from Jenny in Essex, England

Hello!! I’m Jenny and I live just outside of Colchester with my family and our gorgeous (greying) greyhound Jim.

We’ve signed up to TH as Jim loves his home comforts - having spent nearly 5yrs in kennels, after we adopted him in 2014, he made it very clear he doesn’t want to return to!!

We’re looking forward to sharing Jim, our home and the gorgeous small town of Wivenhoe with sitters.

We’ve got 2x sets of dates available - in July we are going to a Festival for a long weekend, and then in August we’re going on a big trip (making up for the last few years!).

Any top tips/ideas on how to stop anxiously checking if anyone’s :heart: the listings/applied welcome (trying not to worry about needing a plan b at the moment!).

Pics show Jim at his happiest/most relaxed, and our home - more pics of both available on my profile :laughing:


Welcome, Jenny. Looks like a great sit. Unfortunately, though I’ll be in the UK, already sitting your dates.

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Hi @JenH_in_Wivenhoe Welcome to the TrustedHousesitters community forum, it’s great to have you here.

I must say, I am a bit jealous of how comfy and cozy Jim looks in that picture!

Just a quick suggestion, you can add your listing link to your forum profile on here so that our wonderful sitter members can view your sit directly. I have added a link below with details on how to do this:

If you have any questions then you are in the right place, or alternatively, you can contact our Membership Services team at any time and they will be happy to help.

All the best


Done - hopefully!!

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Gahh… both sets of dates?! Especially if you’re in the UK anyway :wink:

Hello and welcome. I can’t help with the feelings of anxiety, other than to say you do really have lots of time. Some sitters are waiting until closer to the dates, given so many changing circumstances.

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I have one suggestion, and that’s to remember that your headline is one of the first marketing tools. If you look at how yours displays on the website (it does show more wording on the app), you can use the word allowance more wisely. Focus on a key feature of your sit. I’d suggest maybe ‘Walkable & near transit’ as it will be attractive to sitters who do not have their own transport.

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Welcome @JenH_in_Wivenhoe! You have a beautiful home and Jim looks like a fantastic companion, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble finding great sitters. It just may be a little bit closer to your dates that the perfect application rolls in. Best of luck!


Hi Jenny, your home is lovely and Jim is gorgeous. I’m booked up with sits in July and August or I would have considered it. You still have quite a while, so I’m sure once the Easter holidays - and then maybe the next half term - are over, more sitters will be thinking about summer holidays. Looking at your profile, you seem to have covered everything and, as a sitter, I have no burning questions. Some people feel a real affection for greyhounds (especially rescues) so you might wish to include that in your title and maybe something else about your home (size of the home and / or garden (?) or the location (the term ‘gentle giant’ is also very sweet). You don’t really need the months as the dates show up anyway. I’m sure you’ll find sitters soon…

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Hi @JenH_in_Wivenhoe your sit looks great and Jim looks adorable.
Forgive me for being thick, but I took ‘Grayt’ to be a typo, and it took me a while to figure out it was a pun on greyhound! Not everyone will open up your listing to find out more.
I know many people who would be nervous about a greyhound, thinking they have to run for miles every day. I’ve worked at a greyhound rescue centre so I know this isn’t the case, but maybe mention it subtly in your title?
I would also put Colchester in the header as it’s a gorgeous place to visit (Wivenhoe comes up alongside your dates but I wouldn’t know where that was near).
How about…
‘Gentle, slow greyhound near historic Colchester, Essex.’ (or something along those lines)

Other than that I think your listing looks amazing, and you have shown photos of everything I would like to see, and written about everything I would like to know about.
Sadly, I’m not able to apply!
All the best, Ally

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Hey AllyMac,
Funnily enough I added the “Greyt” in response to a comment above suggesting I aim for those who love greyhounds - on most of the social media greyhound groups, “greyt” is used alot!
I see how it could then be seen as a typo & appreciate your ideas re: advertising the laziness of greyhounds!
Sad you can’t make our dates - am sure Jim would’ve loved to meet you! x

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Hello @JenH_in_Wivenhoe and welcome to the TrustedHousesitters community forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
What a gorgeous photo of Jim and as @Snowbird mentioned you have plenty of time to find suitable sitters, many people wait until closer to the dates to apply so try not to worry too much.

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@JenH_in_Wivenhoe The way you’ve done it now is ‘greyt’! Those in the know…know, and those who don’t have the word greyhound anyway. Good to have put Colchester in your title too.
I’m sure you’ll get some decent applications.
All the best, Ally

Hi @JenH_in_Wivenhoe , your sit looks lovely. We frequently sit in your area as we have family there but we are unfortunately booked for your dates. Good luck finding a sitter.