Hi from London! Vale & Jorge here

Hi everyone!
We’re Vale and Jorge from Argentina and we’re currently in England. We’ve been part of THS since 2018, when our trip around the world started. We are grateful to this community that keeps expanding and love the idea of being in contact through this forum. Looking forward to connecting with you all out there!


Hi Vale & Jorge, welcome, it’s great to have you here and we can’t wait to get to know you better and share in your THS adventures. Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community and for stopping by we hope it’s the beginning of a long and interesting conversation.

Angela & The Team

Hi Angela!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome. We’re enjoying the conversations and experience of other sitters/owners which are truly enriching.

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Welcome :wave: Vale Jorge


Welcome Vale and Jorge!! Great to have you here :slight_smile:

Do you have plans after England, or are you both sitting tight there for now?


Thanks @Windtalker!

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Thanks for the warm welcome! We’re currently petsitting here in London since the hosts are working in Spain now. Then we are moving to another sit until end of April, planning to start heaing north as restrictions ease up. What about you guys?

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Not sure if we’re more envious of sitting in London or being in Spain :rofl: … Probably just our desire to go international again!

We’ve stayed nearby family during the last year which has kept us in on the U.S. West Coast. We’re eager to travel further, but between Covid and parents’ health, we’ll be staying in Southern California for a while.


We must admit that London weather is not making it easy and we wish we could be in sunny Spain right now :joy:. Fortunately, we are enjoying the company of a cuddly puppy that keeps us warm at night and entertained during the day hahaha.

Completely understand your situation guys. Stay safe and hopefully things will get better soon so that we can all enjoy traveling further again :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:.


Our take is, if we’re anywhere too long somewhere else is always better. :rofl:

Thank you for your good wishes :heart: