Hi From Oxford, UK from Sal and Mal

Hi - I’m Sal, I have one cat, a 10 year old, Malka, who I adore.

She’s nervous of Strangers That Arent Me.

I live in a 2nd floor 1 bed flat in Abingdon about 6 miles SW of Oxford - easy train journey from London.

Feel like Im ready to start leaving Malka in the tender loving care of trustworthy Cat lovers potentially… EEEESHK


Hello @sal and a warm welcome from us all here in our pet-loving community!! I feel your pain and know so many who have been nervous of leaving their pets for the first time, only to discover it’s the best thing they ever did. Not only because, who wants to leave their pet in boarding, but because they realized their pets have had the best of times… loads of love and attention with no upset to their routine!

Malka looks gorgeous and I know there will be many cat lovers who understand the “I’m nervous of anyone who isn’t part of my fur-family” and will give Malka space to get to know them.

Hopefully you’ll get some of that reassurance here in the forum, but if you do need any help in completing your membership, just reach out to any of the moderation team, or to membership services. We are all here to help you have the best of experiences! (and Malka too!!)

All the best
Vanessa and the forum team

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Oh @sal what a cutie you have on your hands there! Those eyes!!!

I echo all that @Vanessa-ForumCMgr has told you and rest assured, you have the whole forum team behind you in helping you get started with the right sitter for Malka!

If you need help with anything, please know you can reach out to any of us for assistance.

Debbie - Forum Team

Aw thank you for sharing @sal Malka is absolutely adorable :heart_eyes: welcome to the TrustedHouseSitters community.