Hi from Shropshire!


Sarah and H here. We have been members of THS for a couple of years and have welcomed 9 sitters into our home so far. We live in rural Shropshire and have two labradors and a cat. Lily is almost 14 and Ruby is just 2. Our cat, Tinky, is 6 this year. They are a happy bunch and easy to take care of. Ruby needs a good run each day thought!

We have nothing but great experiences so far and look forward to meeting many more of you! :slight_smile:


Hi @Sarah thank you for joining us from beautiful Shropshire and for bringing along Lily, Ruby and Tinky it sounds as if they have given their 9 sitters some happy times and wonderful memories to cherish … not to mention many photos!

There will be many sitters who can’t wait to come and stay with them and share in your travels. Enjoy meeting other members, connecting and sharing in their stories and conversations.

Angela and the Team

Welcome :slight_smile: We can’t wait to get back to some house sitting in the UK. We lived there for many years and have dual citizenship. It’s so nice to visit different parts of the country and spend time with pets at the same time

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