Hi From Sydney

I am Geoff from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Sadly our travel plans internationally and then even within Australia have been completely shut down by covid. At the moment we can only hope our next holiday in March - off to Tasmania - will happen. Its a bit of a risk as its assuming the travel credit we got from another cancelled trip will actually pay for the land content, and I am also hopeful Virgin will honour their flight credit. As also we have to hope covid stays under control, and Tasmania stays open, as its only just opened to us here in Sydney. Then if all that happens, we can worry about a cat sitter.

Geez so many ifs and buts all because of covid?

Hope you have a great day


@Geoff Hi and welcome, it’s great to have you here in our community forum, a place where we all share the same concerns but also have hope and a big helping of optimism that we will once again get back to safe travel and kitty will meet another new best friend who will enjoy the Northern Beaches of your amazing city of Sydney. Enjoy the conversations and making new connections.