Hi From Torquay Bells Beach Victoria Australia

Hi all my name is Alan and as you can see I live in Torquay Vic Australia. The reason for the large place name is there is To Torquay’s here in Australia and of course Basil Faulty’s Torquay in the South of England. I live here with Erin my wonderful Golden Retrievor Erin whose walks are getting longer and longer as she has to introduce herself to “everyone”. A few have stayed here and loved it overlooks the sea and a couple hundred metres from the dog friendly beach. I’m looking forward to assisting with everyone’s needs as well as sharing my lovey home. For those in Australia I’m retired and can assist with house sitting at a moments notice. Looking forward to meeting lots of pets throughout 2021 and Beyond. Also the reason for JCC is that I have a radio show called Jock’s Celtic Calamity hence JCC


Welcome & ello from Nsw/Canberra.


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HI @Alan and Erin … welcome to our community forum and what a lovely introduction from Torquay! Would love to see a pic of Erin and what lucky neighbors you have, nothing like a Goldie saying hello to make your day, can just image the wagging tail and smiles …

Your home and location sound amazing and we’re sure that sitters are in for a real treat.

Thank you so much for joining in our conversation, enjoy meeting other members from around the world and we can’t wait to get to know you better and share in more of your THS experiences.

Angela & The Team

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Hi Alan and hello from the Cotswolds :wave:t2:

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@JCC another hello from the Cotswolds! Erin sounds lovely - just the sort of dog my 2 boys would love to meet. I can totally identify with the walks getting longer and longer. In my case it is because the boys want to get to know every dog we pass!

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