Hi I’m new to the forum, I’m a Lancashire girl, whose spent 50 years in the cotswolds


Hello @Sallyann and welcome to the community … it’s lovely to “meet” and “see” you!! I’m also in the Cotswolds at the moment and loving it! Just coming to the end of a 2 week house sit.

Perhaps you could add or post a comment with a few more details about yourselves. Are you house sitters, home owners, new to TrustedHousesitters, travellers - we’d love to hear something of what’s brought you here.

In the meantime, enjoy looking round the forum, making connections and joining conversations.

All the best, Vanessa and the team


Hello everyone. We are new to THS after someone recommended it on our local Facebook page. Our small terrier has Epilepsy and reacted badly to his booster jabs last year, so although we usually take him on holiday with us, or occasionally put him in kennels, we decided it would be better not to vaccinate him now that he is 7 and the Vet has agreed. We therefore need someone to care for him while we are away. That’s where THS comes in.


Hello @Sallyann , it’s nice to meet you and especially, to see your picture. Have you posted your sit yet? You can get additional exposure for your listing here on the forum if you embed your listing in your forum profile. Here are the instructions to do that: How to add your listing to your forum profile Enjoy reading the forum and the new friends, both in person and online, you will make through THS.


Welcome to THS!

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Welcome @Sallyann from a Yorkshire girl who has lived in Cheltenham for over 20 years!


Hello @Sallyann and welcome :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
We also live in the Cotswolds, we moved here from Surrey in 2016.


Welcome to THS and the forum @Sallyann. It’s lovely to see a photo of you both as sitters rarely see photos of owners.


Welcome to THS @Sallyann :wave:t3: I hope you find wonderful sitters


Hi Debbie where in Cheltenham do you live, we live in Winchcombe just over the hill.

Hi @Sallyann, I read in one of your replies you’re in Winchcombe. Love Sudeley Castle! Have looked for sits around that area but dates have never corresponded with my availability when I am going to be in England.

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Hi @Sallyann we are very close to Waitrose in Cheltenham, just west of the town centre.

We really like Winchcombe, and there are so many great walks around there.

As you say, you are just over the hill from me, so if you would ever like to meet for a coffee and a chat about THS I’m sure we could arrange something. I’m a sitter and usually sit with my husband and 2 sons.


Let’s also meet for coffee when we’re nearby! @Sallyann and @Debbie


Great idea @Kelownagurl !

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Dear Kelownagurl,
I would love to meet up with you when you’re nearby. Drop me a line when you are.

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Dear Debbie,
It would be lovely to meet up with you for coffee. Where were you thinking of, Cheltenham or Winchcombe. We have some lovely tea shops and pubs in Winchcombe, I wouldn’t know where to suggest in Cheltenham. Perhaps you could suggest somewhere and we could arrange a date.

Will do - and in the meantime, have you seen this thread?

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Hello! My husband and I are also newbies! I’ve just made my way around to the community forum, and I’m so glad I did. What a wonderful platform!!! To be able to continue to travel and meet and care for others pets! Oh, I just can’t wait to get started. The Cotswolds are my favorite place on earth! I absolutely adore that area. We had a Dogue de Bordeaux that had an awful time with seizures, so we are quite experienced with that heartbreaking condition, also. I’m not sure how to stay in touch but I will figure that out and perhaps our paths shall cross someday soon. PS: Definitely planning a trip to the Cotswolds this year. :relaxed:

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Hi there @SunshineNCoastlines It would be lovely to meet you sometime. When you’re in the area get in touch.


HI @SunshineNCoastlines … how did you come up with that wonderful name?

Welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for joining and we are so glad you found the forum it’s the place where members can come to for help, advice, “meet” other members and stay in touch either on the public page or using the Direct Message option.

The Cotswolds are indeed a beautiful part of England there are many amazing pet and housesitting opportunities there throughout the year and with our great lifestyles members can discover places they might otherwise never see … another Cotswolds perhaps?

I’m sorry to hear about your dog and it’s seizures, my Springer was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was thirteen and we managed her seizures for 18 months before we said our final goodbye … heartbreaking indeed.

Thank you again for joining, enjoy connecting with other members, if you have any questions please ask and we cannot wait to share in your new THS adventure.

Angela and the Team

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