Hi I'm Dani from Brazil

Nurse, single, 42 years old, traveling to Vancouver BC, Canada, to study English for 3 months. I have a pet son and I am passionate about pets.


Hello @DaniStopa and welcome to the Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:
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Which part of Brazil are you from?

Hi @DaniStopa. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our friendly community here in the forum. Thanks for joining us and for jumping into the conversations. Vancouver is such a lovely part of the world. Studying English there sounds great. I’m curious, why did you pick Vancouver? Do you have family or friends there?

Hi Karen,
I don’t have family in Vancouver, I left my job for 9 years in October and I really missed being more resourceful in the English language in my area of work (bone marrow transplantation and cell therapy), so I decided to take advantage of this moment in my life.

Canada, as it has always been one of the dreamed destinations (I confess that it was difficult to choose, there are many), Vancouver for two reasons: A more native language, other regions speak French and, despite wanting to get to know the snow, the temperature is milder.

About choosing THS two strong factors, the first I am truly passionate about pets, and of course the possibility of saving. I am very responsible and I understand that the relationship with pets today is like parents and children.

Yours sincerely