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I’m totally new to this website! I’ve got an aging border collie who doesn’t like to travel.
I’ve got 2 sits in August listed. 1 is sorted, but the latter I’m struggling for possibly?! I’ve read that sitters like pics of all the rooms so I’ve just updated our listing with pictures of the downstairs loo & bath tub that’s available to use!!
If anyone has any advise for me, or knows of someone looking to look after an old dog in a lovely English village with great local amenities / walks & attractions please give me a shout!!
Thanks all :blush::blush::blush::blush:


Hello Julia, and welcome to the Forum! You will find a wealth of information here shared by community members from all over the world.

SO glad you have already found helpful tips regarding your listing. Your home looks just lovely, and of course Badger steals the show. We have a senior Aussie (15 next month!) and certainly understand the needs and wants for them to be at home. They are creatures of habit and comfort.

You’ve highlighted several features of the local area which is also beneficial. Here is a post which may support you or even enhance what you’ve already shared. How to create the perfect owner listing | TrustedHousesitters.com If I may, I’ll make a few additional suggestions:

  • I think one picture of the loo is ample and while the bathtub is a nice feature, it may need to be repositioned in the photo.
  • You may consider adding your owner link to your profile so when people come here and read your posts, they can immidetiaely see your listing and glean all the pertinent details. Here’s how: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I have edited the title of your post here because one of our rules is not to advertise sits on the Forum unless it’s within 7 days. I understand the angst of getting your first one secured, so when it comes closer to that time, you can circle back and we can also help boost it on social media. If you decide to do that, you will need to direct message @Angela-HeadOfCommunity (click on her username here) as she needs your permission. But hopefully you will find suitable applicants very soon.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on the Forum with updates and success stories of Badger’s new best friends at home :paw_prints:

Oh and a parting gift: here’s our girl Ellie last night at sunset

Happy trails and tails,
Karen S and the Forum Team


Hello @JulesandBadger I’ve taken a look at your listing, and would suggest you expand on the requirements for Badger, so that a sitter can feel they are a good fit, before the apply. That saves time for you both. I’ll add your listed points below (in italics):

  • Small, short walk(s) - I suggest you be more specific, with at least what’s usual in your lifestyle. We all have varying ideas of a short walk, and I’d hate to see Badger exhausted from the sitter not understanding.

  • Medication morning & night - explain what type of medication, as in pill, liquid, injection - and how easily Badger (or the sitter) manages it.

  • Good once a day - I don’t know what this refers to.

  • Will need to wash towels daily (just once) for the dog - if it’s towels for the dog, are there that many towels that need washing daily? As a sitter, I would wonder why.

I suggest you also edit your title to introduce yourself. For some ideas, you can take a look at what others have shown.

I hope this helps.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

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Thanks - I’ve just elaborated as suggested

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