High-tech pet care perks and gadgets

There is a post on items sitters have come across on sits that they have loved. However, it focused more on things like kitchen gadgets. How about the range of gadgets that are out there for pets? I remember being amazed by the first in-home fountain-type water bowl I saw, but have since seen that more than once.

Yesterday I was confirmed for a sit for two indoor-only cats and was told they have a robot litter box. I then asked for more details, as that was new to me, and I asked the price and was quoted at around $700 Canadian. Wow.

Out of curiosity, I’ve now searched Amazon (which I’ll leave you to do in your own country), and switched pricing to high-to-low range. Introducing the high-life of some cats, at $4,706 Canadian, although you do get 6% off at checkout. Add our 13% sales tax to that and you don’t get much change from five grand.

Yet another interesting experience in my world of house and pet sitting. :smiley:

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For that money, it should also feed the cats and take them to the vet.


I just checked on Amazon…one of the two reviews says don’t buy it! Too expensive for something not working properly.

Oh I didn’t expect anyone to rush out and buy it at that price. :rofl:

In Germany it’s “only” 845€! Quite a bargain, compared to Canada :rofl: