HO Updates From France!

Usually a HO wants, expects and gets updates on the goings on at home while they travel but this sit is a bit different. My HO is updating me!

On a 3 month excursion in France, she is traveling (independently and solo) all over. She rented a car and is staying in various places after researching and planning every detail.

It’s now 6 weeks and every week without fail she has sent me photos (selfies too) and a detailed summary of where she has been and her experiences. It has been absolutely delightful and I look forward to these emails now. These are just samples… many are selfies so I will keep those :wink:
But this is too much fun.

The French Riviera

The French Alps


Stunning @Amparo . And what a lovely relationship you have established with your HO.


Thank you @mars.
HO and sitters have a lot in common so it’s not that difficult to lock into that sweet spot.


Those mountains are calling me. What a lovely idea. Almost like a travel gift.


Wow @Amparo, how great is that, I think you have a enviable sit there, enjoy. :wink:


The photos and stories are indeed an exceptional gift. She is a gifted writer and photographer and I am certain that we have found a wonderful new friendship.
Glad you enjoyed @LTD.
I’d share more but this is her tale to tell, I’ve my own to work on.
Oh I’ll be here in Welsh country in the Spring!
Just waiting to lock in the dates.


That’s amazing it’s so heartwarming to hear about the connections being made between our members (note I didn’t say owners and sitters) after all we are all members of this amazing community.

This is an example of it working at it’s best … I’m sure there are many of us who have had this privilege, I know I have, my “friends” were in Israel, their lifelong ambition to visit the “homeland” their joy was tangible … I was transported to Israel almost on a daily basis, while being curled up with their Princess Stella.

@Amparo Thank you for bringing a touch of warm friendship to our Friday.


It’s truly the best life I have ever lived. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And it keeps getting better and better @Angela-CommunityManager


And I so like saying community members, new friends, maybe fellow traveler? So much better
Than HO or sitter.
Animal tribe member? :rofl: (humor)


Let me know!

1 May I will be in Welshpool, thereabouts, till probably the 15th. We left it open for time together after their return.
and of course…Double jabbed!
Maybe we should make merch? :rofl:

‘merch’ means a young girl. Actually, I live in Bedfordshire but I am back in Wales often as I have a house there and will move back there next July. Welshpool is mid Wales … and quite anglicised.

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Live and learn. Here in the US, it means merchandise. Yes it is a border town. Their 21 year old daughter is fluent in Welsh and the history as she was born there. Going there is like going back in time. It’s all so fascinating to me.

What does your LTD stand for? Live the dream?

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