Homeowner did not remove sit

Hi all,
I recently had a sit scheduled for 2 weeks but due to some severe weather forecasted for during the sit time and my having to traverse a mountain for euro that is often closed, we agreed that it would be safer for me to do it another time. I reminded her to remove the sit but she never did and now it looks as though i completed a sit that i did not. I know she was going to be unavailable for 10 days of the sit and had a lot going on so I don’t blame her for forgetting as she was using a friend in lieu of TH for that one but, now what? Can she still remove it? Should i give “feedback” stating the situation so people don’t think something was wrong with her sit? I don’t want people to think I didn’t get the review from her because of an issue. Can she still remove it? Can TH? I looked for this in topics but couldn’t find it. Happy to relocate if directed to the right topic! Thanks!

Hi @Mossie,

Please share this with our membership services team by messaging them they will be able to help you get this sorted. I was in a similar situation earlier this year and they were able to get it removed off of both our profiles since the sit never happened. Happy future sits!