Completed Sit has Disappeared from the Site

I had a sitter completed a sit for us from Mar 16 - 20th.
Neither the sitter nor I can find the sit now on the THS site. All the correspondence is there, and she is eager to get ‘credit’ for the sit, and I also want to leave her outstanding feedback tied to this sit, but it has vanished, poof!
Has anyone experienced the same? What was your resolution?
The simple, but maybe not most above the board solution would be to create another five day sit with her and use that for the exchange of feedback/ reviews, but I would rather find a cleaner solution…

Email HQ at and am sure they can reinstate it for you if it’s a tech glitch :+1:t3:

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As a sitter, in the web interface, I can go to this page with “Past sits”:

That will also show those that are not on my profile page.

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Was the sit both confirmedby you the homeowner and also accepted by the sitter ?
If this final step wasn’t completed it won’t show as a confirmed sit .
MS can help you with this @Cuttlefish has given you the e-mail address .

Please report back on the outcome .

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The same thing has happened to me. Neither the hosts nor I can find the last sit and when I try to email the support email it keeps coming back as delivery incomplete. And now it’s been almost two weeks since the sit.

Welcome @tikabean

I will tag in the moderators so that they can ask member services to contact you - since you are unable to contact them

@Carla @Jenny @Therese @Sam_F

Thank you so much!




Hello @tikabean I have asked the Membership services team to get back to you. I hope you get it resolved soon :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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