House and Pet sit in Hunter Valley or Coastal NSW

We’d love to get away to the Hunter Valley or coastal NSW to celebrate out 50th wedding anniversary in May and my 70th birthday in June. I can’t work out how to be specific about this on my profile. Hope someone can help. :slight_smile: Val

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G’day! Nice to see another Aussie round here. (am over in Oz) Congrats on your upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary, that’s awesome :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:.

If you’ve done a search for NSW sits on the Cc or Hunter on TH site, you can save it & receive regular emails when a new sit appears. There are a few on the site now to have a peek at.

@Snowbird, I found a couple of posts that may help but can’t post the links. Perhaps you may be able to help?

Thanks, How do I find the Hunter or CC sites. How can I help? Cheers, val

Hi @RunnerC When you say you’ve found a couple of posts, I’m wondering if you mean posts on the forum, or perhaps listings on the THS website. Keep in mind that you can direct message another forum member, so you can share information that way.

If it’s about sharing posts on the forum, you’re likely to get help from forum members on their chosen way to do that. I’ve recently discovered the bookmark option for posts - under the three dots to the left of the heart - and am finding that useful for posts I want to refer back to and/or share.

Hi. Both of those life events are certainly worthy of a celebration. In 2017, I visited your chosen coastline while housesitting with THS.

You can certainly add that preferred sit information into your profile. For example, my profile currently states my chosen travel limitations based on the pandemic. However, there’s no way this will be brought to a homeowner’s attention, at least as far as I know.

What you can do instead is seek out homeowners and sits that fit your criteria. You can do a saved search on the website, narrowing it down to the coastline. You’ll then receive a daily email with new listings fitting that criteria. I’ll add a link here to a recent post reply I did. You’ll just need to apply the theory, as it was for a different area of the world but it covers
Searching for a specific area for sits.

Also, ‘favourite’ sits that meet your criteria. Take a look at @Petermac’s recent post on that.

I hope you’re successful in your search.

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Hi, sorry, ventured to sleep! I found some relevant threads but can never get the links to work…

I’ll try the bookmark option…

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Thanks for trying. I’m sure I will work it out eventually.

Thank you, will follow that through. :slight_smile: Val

Hi @ValClark welcome to our community forum and I see you’ve had help from @Snowbird and @RunnerC that’s the great thing about the forum, members helping members.

It sounds as though 2022 is a year of celebration for you and your family, 50th anniversary and 70th birthday … I really hope that you get your wish to get away to the Hunter Valley or the coast, we will look forward to sharing in those visits with you.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela & The Team

2022 will be a big year for us. Martin and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in May and I will be turning 70 in June! We are hoping to celebrate with some time away from home in Australia around that time. Our overseas THS experience had only just begun, when COVID cut it short in March 2019. Getting home to Australia from the UK was quite and adventure.


Hi Val and Martin,
Welcome to the forum from a Victorian! What wonderful celebrations you’ll be having this year. Congratulations! All the best in securing sits on the Central Coast for May and June.

Thank you!

Thanks for the welcome!

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