House Sitting our way around Australia

Hi! We have only just joined this forum, but have been house sitting almost full time as a family for 18 months. Truthfully, most of our house sits have been arranged with other house sitting sites, so not a great number of reviews on this one yet. Initially, we were planning to take our children travelling across USA and Europe, so started doing a few house sits to build a profile while we were still ‘at home’. This turned into house sitting almost full time. We never ended up doing our big overseas trip as our government shut the borders during the pandemic. Not to be discouraged, we have still travelled, and have enjoyed seeing more of our own rather large country!

In 2023, we are embarking on ‘the lap’ of Australia, and hope to house sit for much of our trip. We love the beach, and also the rural quiet lifestyle. Until 2 years ago, we have always had our own acreage home, with a menagerie of much-loved pets including dogs (always staffies!), chickens, and guinea pigs.
Since we started house sitting (now up to 400+ nights) we have cared for plenty of cats and dogs, along with goats, alpacas, guinea pigs, chickens, and a turtle. It has been a fun adventure as a family.
We truly feel privileged to be trusted to house sit people’s homes and animals. It occurred to me very early on that the home owner has just left us with all of their most precious things and pets (of course, aside from their family). This is not taken for granted - giving homes and pets that best care that we can. We have met so many wonderful people and been invited back for many return house sits - many we have been unable to take as we have already committed to forward bookings.
Always happy to chat,


A very warm welcome to the forum.

Congratulations on having done and seen so much already on your sit adventures, even through Covid times. I am sure this has been so enriching for you as a family. Would I be correct in assuming you home school your children? Sounds like an amazing 2023 plan.

We would like to suggest you add your profile link here >> to give other members a real sense of you and your family.

We have such wonderful members here who are all so happy to share their own enriching experiences. Enjoy connecting.
Best Wishes
Therese and the forum team

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@WinterCrew welcome to the forum. We are currently in Australia and have been here since April. You will also find heaps of house sits on Aussie Housesitters. They have a very strong presence in this part of the world. All the best you.

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@anon1411559 , thanks for your reply. Yes, most of our sits have been through that site, and a couple lined up on here. Enjoy your time in Australia - there is certainly lots to see and experience!

Thank you for the welcome Therese-Moderator. Covid times made us pivot a couple of times, but all is good. Yes, we have homeschooled our children for a number of years, and absolutely love it. Both my kids have an incredible network of friends, know what they want to do when they ‘grow up’, and work fairly independently on their academic ‘school’ work, and we love it that we have a lot of freedom to adventure together as a family. I know it’s not for everyone, however we love it.


@WinterCrew That’s amazing that your children are having such an incredible worldly experience. Absolutely fabulous.