How best to present profile: 2 person, 1 person or both?

Looking for suggestions and advice please. I started my profile off as a solo sitter, always intending that my daughter would join me sometimes when permission was given.
After reading lots in the forum it seems that asking for someone to stay with you is a bit cheeky and a little frowned upon for some. I decided to change my profile for the two of us that now includes my daughter, so all her information is on there too. So now we are a duo. However, after some reflection, I’m in a bit of a quandary asI still want to do some solo sits. What advice or suggestions can you give moving forwards?

@Jomox27 All you need to do when applying for a sit is specify whether you are sitting alone or with your daughter- for that particular sit. Its good that you have added your daughter officially to your profile so you always have the option to include her on any sit without any extra explanation.

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Thank you Lockstar for your reply. Does my sitter profile present well? do you have any suggestions on what I may need to add or retract?

@Jomox27 THS has two different Profile preview links (unsmart programming, and they seem to be incapable to fix it). You have the wrong one.

You need the other one, that you can find on your Dashboard (near the bottom) or on the list of sitters in your own town.

Great spot @pietkuip Thank you!

@Jomox27 I have added the correct link to your THS sitters profile so that you can get help and advice from the community. If you need anything else let me know :smiling_face:

Thank you but oh dear as I’ve just tried to redo it! Can you check if it’s the correct one again please?

@Jomox27 No worries at all, the correct link is now showing. If you click on your user name you will see the link that takes you to your THS sitters profile and other member can view it that was as well :slight_smile:

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@Jomox27 , you’re obviously doing a great job as you have lots of sits lined up. Congratulations! The only comment I would make is your first line states “We are Josie and Emily” and then you start using “I” and “me” pronouns so I’m a little confused as to who is talking. Later you tell us who each is. I would do that as soon as you introduce yourselves as Emily and Josie so we know up front who’s talking. And, you can also say your daughter “sometimes accompanies me on sits”.
I do the same thing with my husband – I have a solo account because he rarely joins me, but if he does, it’s already in my profile that he sometimes joins me, and then when I write my application, I say whether or not he would be joining me for this sit. He’s mentioned in some of my reviews, and he’s also in some of my pictures.
Best of luck to you and your daughter.


You can just state in your listing that you’re a solo, but depending on the sit, you may travel as a pair with your daughter. When you apply for a sit, clarify whether it will be you as a solo or pair.

The issue most people have is being caught off guard and feeling like HS are trying to sneak a rando into their house. If you are up front and transparent about it and have at least some evidence of your daughter on your profile in photos and even your reviews on sits where she is there, that would be enough for most HOs I’d imagine. You
Can go one step further and for the sits where she will be there, add a touch more text or a link to introduce her in your initial message to HO.

@Jomox27 your sitter profile is very appealing and you come scross as a sincere and caring sitter. Your reviews and references are all great too! I’m sure you and Emily are going to have lots of fun in your petsitting life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: