How do I cancel a sit?

Is it as simple as going into the app and unconfirming the sitter? I have already been in contact with the sitter as they are a two hour drive from us.

My pet was taken very ill and I’m not longer comfortable leaving her or putting a pet sitter in the situation of caring for an animal that may become critically ill during the sit.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear about your pets sickness . Yes you have done the right thing by informing your sitter first and now you can cancel on the dashboard .

So sorry that your pet is ill. Hoping for a swift recovery. I am sure that your sitters appreciate you for wanting to be there for your pet in their time of need.

Hello, thank you for your response. I don’t see a cancel button in the app. Am I clicking on unconfirm sitter?

Yes you cancel the sit by selecting “unconfirm” the sitter

Thank you :heart: